1. Can you really live forex and earn millions in just one day?

If the person has the study and knowledge is perfectly possible to live forex; but also requires discipline and patience.

The amount of money you can earn in forex, is directly related to the capital in the account. But overall than a 20% annual return is considered acceptable.


2.? Much money is needed to trade currencies?

Currently there are brokers with which you can operate with a minimum investment of $ 50. But this is not going to allow transactions with financial instruments such as commodities, for which is required to take into account greater than $ 2,000 value.


3. Is there much information about Forex, but what path should I follow?

It is perhaps the main problem that the novice by the amount of information, seminars, videos, strategies and techniques in internet faces, I recommend: 1. Having a mentor or someone to go on the road to becoming Trader, 2 . mentor that the real platform operate and generate profits consistently and, 3. Whether you have the facility to interact with said mentor.


4. Which is the ideal place to start in forex broker?

Ideal for forex trading brokers are those who are regulated by the NFA "American regulatory entity" and the SFA "European Regulatory Agency." If you are going to operate is recommended that you consult with your mentor if the broker is regulated, if reliable, positive and negative aspects have regarding other legal broker.


5. How to differentiate a Demo account Real, and as I open a real account?

Each broker has a specific feature, which can refer to fully identify the trading account if you are showing is real or Demo. I recommend when you start trading Forex account that it is small, ie less than $ 2000 and that is money that you do not need in the event you lose it.


6. What are the opening and closing of markets?

I recommend www.forexfactory.com page where you can check the schedule of the bags according to the local time in any country in the world.


7. Leverage How does it work?

Explain in a few words would not be responsible; but basically, as the name suggests a contribution to the broker makes you depending on the amount you operate in a position, for example; if you have $ 2,000 in your balance and your leverage is 1:100 you would have $ 20,000 to operate.


8. What is your opinion on the bonds that give many Broker?

Do not recommend it because the beginner overstates the balance in your account the effect of the bond and the size each position is affected by this bond and it is not responsible.


9. Which is bought and sold on the forex market?

We buy and stocks, currencies, options, and commodities are sold.


10.How sell something I have not bought in Forex?

If you have a dollar account and decide to sell gold, gold broker lends you want to sell, and to close the position you broker returns the borrowed gold.


11. Wanting to create an Excel to record data for each major operation, in order to check my stats and yield curves, how do I design?

I understand that this question refers to the hope of gain forex trading; for this we recommend watching the video regarding this topic and where to apply the corresponding file in Excel.


12.? Recommends operate with fixed or floating spreads?

Most broker using floating spreads have costs for withdrawals that are made to the account, but are lower than the fixed spreads that do not charge withdrawals. Therefore fixed spreads recommend if you are going to be constant withdrawals and floating spreads if you have an account earmarked for retirement or very sporadic withdrawals.


13. Wanting to start in forex without neglecting my activities, it is possible to give an order and shut down the computer, What pairs can operate and saved them when their value increase?

There are several types of trading and depending on the time you have available, their emotional condition and capital you have in your account can handle a trading system that allows you to perform another task at the same time as Trader. The number of pairs that can operate depends on the sizing of each position and the type of trading you intend to use.


14. Which types of accounts can be registered?

There are different types of accounts depending on the capital you will operate as are the standard features, mini and micro; well depending if you want to operate with spread or without spread, be it standard or Eurica.


15. Forex How to invest in the long term?

This type of trading is known as trading or position trading positions in the videos and find the methodology of how to operate it.


16. Which is Withholding tax short-term profits in forex?

Each country has a regulation that does not conform to international standards, and therefore, my recommendation is to check with your tax advisor in your country of residence.


17 . What is the trend: indices, shares, currencies, etc..?

There is no difference as to which is more trend, since market conditions are set by supply and demand.


18. What is a spread?

It is the cost charged by the broker with whom you this operand for each position that you open and equal to the difference between the sale price and sale price of the financial instrument trading.


19. Which are the best pairs to trade?

There are no better or worse peers, there are financial instruments with which you can make money.


20. Can I lose more than I deposited?

Not impossible, because the system that has the broker will not allow it.


21. How do I manage risk when I trade currencies?

The risk does not depend on whether you trade forex, stocks, commodities or futures; The risk is controlled with a good sizing you open positions simultaneously.



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