Graduates, professionals and graduates of professional career, interested in learning how it works and how to manage and invest the money both personal and business.




  1. Fully train participants through an ethical and financial training to develop their skills and abilities in the management of investments at national and international level.
  1. Make available to the participant, necessary to assist them in their tasks and forecasts of financial situations, troubleshooting interest and evaluation of national and international portfolio investment under conditions of inflation and risk tools.




  1. Get the main concepts of international stock market and its application in the financial sector worldwide.
  1. Get training to fully operate all types of financial instruments such as Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Indices and Shares on the Stock Exchange in New York, London, Tokyo and Sydney.



FXCM platform.

✓ How to download a platform.

✓ How to change language to the platform.

✓ As request a demo account.

✓ How to change the password.

✓ How to change the language.

✓ As leave the platform.


Customizing the FXCM Trading Station.

✓ As As enter the platform.

✓ How to change the colors of the station operations.

✓ As off the platform.

✓ As re-entering the platform.

✓ As suppress windows of the station operations.

✓ As return balance to the railway operations.

✓ As Changing station operations in the local time zone.


Customizing FXCM Marketscope.

✓ As enter the chart.

✓ As remove indicators.

✓ How to change the background color of the graph.

✓ As erase tabs.

✓ How to change the color of the line market price.

✓ How to change the style of the line market price.

✓ How to change the amplitude of the line market price.

✓ As putting on color mouse pointer.

✓ As zoom in or graphic using the mouse.

✓ As erase tabs.

✓ What are the financial instruments that can be traded.

✓ As place the financial instruments available for trading.

✓ As locate financial instruments available for trading.

✓ As financial instruments off.

✓ How to enable financial instruments to operate.

✓ As save the profile from the railway operations.

✓ How to check if you really stay saved profile.

✓ As retrieve the saved profile.

✓ As identify which is the saved profile, and enter.

✓ As identify the names of financial instruments.

✓ Explanation of each of the financial instruments according to the international standard.

✓ Meaning market price.

✓ correct reading of each of the pairs.

✓ As identify time frames.


Time frames and candlestick analysis.

✓ What are the time frames.

✓ Behavior pairs in different time frames.

✓ Study of the opening and closing of the candles in each pair.

✓ candles detailed analysis depending on the color.


Advanced Exchange.

✓ Advanced Exchange.


Quotes Simple.

✓ simple Exchange.


How to buy and how to sell?

✓ How to buy and how to sell.

✓ As give a market order.

✓ Explanation of the icons: ticket, count, symbol, amount, c / v, open, close, G / P, G / P Gross, time.

✓ Practical exercises on how to buy and how to sell.


Keys to successful trading.

✓ "I never think about winning. Think about doing things right. "

✓ "Fear and greed are the factors by which you lose money."

✓ "Do not be afraid to lose and not to win excited; This is the most difficult to control but should be aware that both are part of the routine of this profession. "


Exercise how to buy and how to sell.

✓ detailed each of the open positions Analysis.

✓ Closing the position from station operations.

✓ As a position is locked from the graph.

✓ Practical exercises on how to buy and how to sell.

✓ How to change the text color and background of the label of the order in the chart.

✓ As manually drag the tab order.

✓ Analysis line movement market price to the limit or stop.


Limit and Stop.

✓ Analysis of the impact on the balance of closed positions in the railway operations.

✓ How to place limit and stop from the railway operations.

✓ As set limit and stop simultaneously from station operations.

✓ difference between a limit and stop.

✓ Analysis on the graph of the four lines: market price order, limit and stop.

✓ How to place limit and stop from the graph.

✓ As give an order, set limit and stop simultaneously from the graph.

✓ As move the stop manually.

✓ How to change the stop.

✓ Study of the different forms of stop.

✓ What is a trailing stop.

✓ How dynamic stop working.

✓ How the fixed stop.

✓ As manually move the boundary.


Analysis of the windows of the Trading Station.

✓ details of each of the tabs Explanation station operations.

✓ How icons BID AND ASK sale price and purchase price work.

✓ As the market order according to the BID or ASK activation icon is located.


Types of lines.

✓ Detailed explanation of the following graphic icons: zoom candles, zoom to the mouse, magnifying glass, information box, ruler, add lines.

✓ How to draw horizontal lines, inclined and vertical.

✓ How to change the color, style and thickness of the lines drawn.

✓ As equidistant draw a trend channel.

✓ As manually move the lines and equidistant channel.


Exporting and importing a profile.

✓ Save and export a profile to the computer.

✓ As import a profile into the platform.


Operations Analysis Report.

✓ How to download the report.

✓ How to read a report.

✓ Explanation of each data showing the report.

✓ Analysis report with all closed positions.

✓ How to identify if a purchase or sale is made in the report.

✓ Meaning of letters presented in the report box condition.


Keys to successful trading.

✓ "Never invest money you need."

✓ "You should have a training routine."


Explaining the Account tab.

✓ Analysis of the change of line style of the order, the stop limit and to determine the exact time when the order was given

✓ As close from the railway operations all orders simultaneously.

✓ Explanation of each box station operations: account balance, equity, P / L of the day.


Used Margin and Free Margin.

✓ What is the used margin.

✓ What is the free margin.

✓ Application exercises for buying and selling to analyze the difference in margin depending on the amount used.

✓ As partially close an order either positive or negative.


Margin call.

✓ What is the margin call.


The Pips and Reading.

✓ What is a pip.

✓ How to read the scale according to the decimal places.

✓ As measure pip the rule.

✓ Explanation of the three data obtained by measuring the rule pips.

✓ to read pip if the scale has no decimal places.

✓ to read pip if the scale has two decimal places.

✓ to read pip if the scale has four decimal places.


Orders Pips programming.

✓ Importance of pip to program the utility.

✓ As schedule with a market order and limit stop in pips.

✓ to read pips from station operations.

✓ Exercises simultaneous application programming an order, limit and stop in pips.

✓ Explanation of gross P / L tab, and his relationship with the pips.


Keys to successful trading.

✓ "Never stop doing Backtesting, the more you do improve your skills and refine your likelihood of success."


Entry Orders

✓ What is an entry order.

✓ How to set an entry order to buy and sell, from the graph.

✓ As Add a stop and limit entry order from the chart.

✓ As identified on the label of the order of entry if it is a purchase or a sale.

✓ As Entry orders display station operations.

✓ Explanation of each of the data shown in the tab order.

✓ As remove an order entry station operations.

✓ As cancel an order input from the graph.


Setting Input commands.

✓ When an entry order becomes, in a market order.

✓ As manually move the limit and stop orders in the entry.

✓ How to change the type of entry orders to stop.


Utility through Pips.

✓ What it is a pip and what it does.

✓ analysis and calculation of the utility through reading pips.


Keys to successful trading.

✓ Have a good money management strategy, no matter what the way to do it, as long as the results are gain.

✓ "If you enter the market, that its output is the Stop Loss or Take Profit".

✓ "Use Stop Loss and Take Profit Short Long, this will decrease your chance of loss and increase your probability of winning."

✓ "Never operate if your mood is not calm."

✓ "Do not argue with the market you are watching, and above all, do not try to fight it."


Brokers regulated amount required to operate.

✓ definition of broker.

✓ Yacht Brokers Regulated Forex.

✓ What and how much is needed to trade the markets.


Spread, Lot, Accounts micro, mini and standard.

✓ What is the Spread.

✓ That is a lot.

✓ What it is a micro, mini and standard account.


Advantages of trading in shares and / or currencies.

✓ It is a liquid market.

✓ Opera for 24 hours.

✓ it is bidirectional.

✓ No Forced deadlines.

✓ High profitability.

✓ actual practice before investing.

✓ High leverage.

✓ Financial Freedom.


Exponential average (EMA).

✓ What is an EMA (exponential weighted moving average).

✓ How to create a new tab on the graph.

✓ Linking different tabs.

✓ As download an EMA.

✓ difference between the MVA and the EMA.

✓ Crossing EMAS, 4, 9, 18.


Relative Strength Index (RSI).

✓ As chart the RSI.

✓ How to Trade the RSI indicator.

✓ Opportunity to operate with RSI.

✓ As draw a trendline on the RSI oscillator.


Graphic Heikin-Ashi (HA) -Indicator trend.

✓ As operate the HA indicator.

✓ Comparison of HA indicator with real candles.


Practice EMA, RSI and HA indicators.

✓ How to change the order of the tabs.


Indicator Support / Resistance -Pivote.

✓ As operate with PIVOT indicator.


Keys to successful trading.

✓ "The trading is personal, what else does is because it has different time, different perspective and different from their own experience.

✓ "Learn from your mistakes: Keep notes and analyze every investment."


Trend-indicator (regression).

✓ As REGRESSION operate the indicator.

✓ How to create a new profile, to save a strategy.



✓ Stochastic.


-Time Parabolic Trend Indicator (SAR).

✓ SAR.


Keys to successful trading.

✓ "Do not be impatient to operate. Wait for confirmation of the market before you place your order. "

✓ "The first thing to do is to check the direction of the market." "Never, ever buy a stock or currency if the market is bearish, and Never buy or sell a stock or currency that is in range.

✓ Always follow the trend, but first learn to relate the 3 states of the market (Trend, Backspace, Consolidation).

✓ The price can remember, this is key and you should take this long before operating, the price always know where did every kick and break and this determines their next moves.

✓ "Do not try to anticipate what the market will do in the future, just go with the evidence of what the market is telling you."


Bill Williams Fractal indicator.

✓ Fractal.


Bollinger- indicator Bollinger Band (BB).

✓ Bollinger Band.


Trend-Force Indicators Average Directional Index (ADX) and Directional Movement Index (DMI).

✓ ADX.

✓ DMI.


Larry Williams% R Rocker (RLW).

✓ RLW.


Oscillator - Index Commodity Channel (CCI).

✓ CCI.


Oscillator - Moving Averages Convergence-Divergence (MACD).



Moving Averages Divergence (MACD): normal and hidden.

Bullish and bearish: ✓ Hidden Divergence.


Keys to successful trading.

✓ "A trader must learn and practice emotional control."

✓  risk.  Be aware that any financial strategy to profit involves risk, and being concerned about this risk means that you are a healthy person and helps you conserve prudence. Remember: the higher security, lower yields will normally.

✓ "There is a good pair or a good deed. Simply pairs or actions that make money. "


Major errors in a good investment analysis.

✓ Random Invest.

✓ Investing based on emotions.

✓ Violating the problem-solving strategy.


Volatility-oscillator Average true range (ATR).

✓ ATR.


Candlestick interpretation.


Keys to successful trading.

✓  HOPE . If investment is not turning out as expected, if the business is no longer business, it's time to leave it behind and embark on another project instead of injecting new resources keep hoping that someday things will get better.

✓  BETS . You can not predict human behavior, in which trade and financial markets are based.Therefore, do not base their decisions on what supposedly will happen because of predictions that have heard or read, but on the contrary. It bases its decisions on objective observations about what's really going on.

✓  optimism . Being optimistic means expecting the best, but confidence is based on knowing how to handle the worst. Therefore never participate in an investment simply because it is optimistic: it is easy to end up disillusioned, without a weight on the bag.


Fundamental analysis.

✓ Fundamental analysis, recommended pages.

✓ Interpretation of the news.


Trend lines.

✓ trendlines.


Coating price.

✓ Coating price.


Channels Trend, Support and Resistance.

✓ trend channels.

✓ Support and Resistance.


Defining the size of the position.

✓ A Unit for fixed amount of capital. (For Scalping).

✓ Model of Fixed Capital Unit. (Currency).

✓ Percentage Volatility Model.

 Fibonacci retracements.

✓ Fibonacci retracements.


Fibonacci expansion.

✓ Expansion Fibonacci.


Entry techniques.

✓ Following the trend.

✓ Using Indicators.

✓ Using oscillators.

✓ By candlestick patterns.

✓ Trend Exhaustion.

✓ Through fundamental analysis.

✓ Scalping System.


Stop techniques.

✓ For percentage of capital.

✓ For channel breakout.

✓ For support / resistance.

✓ For volatility.


Types of Traders: Scalping Style.

✓ Style Scalping.


Types of Traders: Style Day Trading.

✓ Style Day trading.


Types of Day Trading.

✓ Trading trend.

✓ Trading against trend or breaking.


Types of Traders: Style swing trading.

✓ Style swing trading.


Types of Traders: Style trading position.

✓ Style trading position.


How to take profits?

✓ golden rule of trading.


Have your own trading plan.

✓ Define what kind of trading will do.

✓ Meta staff.

✓ Capital available.

✓ Determine the percentage of risk.

✓ Determine the number of simultaneous open positions.

✓ Have the news calendar.

✓ Set the state of the market.

  • Momentum.
  • Backspace.
  • Consolidation.

✓ Observe possible candlestick patterns.

✓ Define your strategy Indicators and oscillators.

✓ Analyze Fibonacci retracements and Fibonacci expansions.

✓ Calculate the Risk - Benefit.

✓ order.

✓ Place the limit and stop.

✓ Finally unquestionably meets the "TRADING GOLDEN RULE"


How to distinguish a real platform of Demo?

✓ How to distinguish a real platform of Demo.


MetaTrader 4 platform.

✓ As download the MetaTrader 4 platform.


Analysis of the icons of the MetaTrader 4 platform.

✓ Explanation of each of the icons of the platform.


How to buy and how to sell in MetaTrader 4?

✓ How to buy and how to sell in MetaTrader 4.


Using Tools in MetaTrader 4.

✓ How to create a channel in MetaTrader.

✓ How to place limit and stop simultaneously and FXCM MetaTrader.

✓ Compare the difference of information presented regarding FXCM MetaTrader 4.


Types of customization and Stop in MetaTrader 4. r

✓ As put a stop fixed in MetaTrader.

✓ As indicators down and change its properties in MetaTrader 4.


Registering a Real Account.



This training consists of 110 video lessons to learn how to trade on exchanges in New York, London, Tokyo and Sydney. All videos are in Spanish and English subtitles.

Hours: can study from the comfort of your home on the schedule you want.

Investment value: The value of the investment in this training is ten dollars (US $ 10) monthly for a year or $ ninety (US $ 90) per round.

It requires portable throughout the training given that training is entirely practical.


Payment Policies

Payment of the investment can be made as follows:

By Efecty a name: Alfredo Pinto Jiménez           C.C. No 13.843.751

Deposit or bank transfer payable to:

APJTRADING SAS.  No 270-569672-52 savings account Bancolombia.

For PayPal pay request into to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Once the scan it and send it to mail consignment This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Upon receipt of the transfer will be sent to the registration form at the address recorded on this form will be sent an invoice for payment.

Upon receipt of the transfer you will be sent a username and password to access the 110 videos. This password is activated while you are current on your monthly payment. If you canceled the year the password will be active for a year.





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